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Delivery Schedule / Lieferabruf

Archive: VDA 4905 Version 1
BSH VDA4905 Docu German English VDA4905-BSH-DE-EN_2.pdf Version: February 2017
Example (with GXS header/trailer):   VDA4905.txt Version: 1998
    VDA4905_pickup_date.txt Version: March 2017
Archive: EDIFACT DELFOR 91.1, BSH standard     (Outgoing message, BSH is sender)
Main Docu / Basis-Doku: German DELFOR6.pdf Version: February 2017
  English DELFOR6_EN.pdf Version: February 2017
Branching Diagram:   Diagram.pdf Version: February 2015
Segment Documentation: German Segment-Doku.pdf Version: February 2015
Example / Beispiel:   DELFOR91.txt Version: November 1998
    Bsp_Nov2006.txt Version: November 2006
    DELFOR91_pickup_date.txt Version: March 2017
EDIWHITE drafts in different languages, for comparison only: German DELFORDE.pdf Version: 1993
  French DELFORFR.pdf Version: 1993
  Italiano DELFORIT.pdf Version: 1993
  Spanish DELFORSP.pdf Version: 1993
  English DELFORUK.pdf Version: 1993
Archive: MINI-DELFOR 91.1, alternative version (001) with multiple positions. E.g. used by IBM customers.
Main Docu / Basis-Doku: German MINIDELFOR.pdf Version: August 2003
Example / Beispiel:   MINI_BSP.txt Version: November 1998

Delivery Note / Lieferschein

Archive: VDA 4913 Version 1, 2, 3, BSH Standard (-> Replaced by VDA 4913 Version 4, BSH Standard)
Main Docu / Basis-Doku: German VDA4913.pdf Version: April 2009
  Spanish VDA4913_es_V7.pdf Version: December 2009
Record Layout / Datensatzbeschreibung: German VDA4913_structure.pdf Version: April 2009
  Spanish VDA4913_structure_es_V7.pdf Version: April 2009
Example / Beispiel:   VDA4913.txt Version: June 2002
Archive: VDA 4913 Version 4, BSH Standard
Main Docu / Basis-Doku: German VDA4913V4_1_de.pdf Version: February 2015
  Spanish VDA4913V4_1_es.pdf Version: February 2015
Record Layout / Datensatzbeschreibung: German VDA4913V4_Structure1_de.pdf Version: January 2013
  Spanish VDA4913V4_structure1_es.pdf Version: January 2013
Example / Beispiel:   VDA4913.txt Version: June 2002
Slides / Folien: English BSH-Examples...labeling-slides.pdf Version: January 2013
Archive: EDIFACT DESADV 91.1 (-> replaced by Version DESADV D96a)
Main Docu / Basis-Doku: German Desadv_de_06.pdf Version: March 2009
  English Desadv_en_06.pdf Version: March 2009
  Spanish Desadv_es_06.pdf Version: December 2009
Branching Diagram: German Diagram.pdf Version: June 2006
Example / Beispiel: German Desadv_Beispiele_de_05.pdf Version: June 2006
  English Desadv_Beispiele_en_05.pdf Version: June 2006
  Spanish Desadv_Beispiele_es_05.pdf Version: December 2009
Segment Documentation:   Segment_Docu_DE-EN.pdf Version: March 2009

Credit Memo / Gutschrift

Archive: EDIFACT INVOIC 91.1, BSH Version 1 (-> replaced by BSH Standard Version 3) NOTE: The archived Version 1 will not be used any more!!
Main Docu / Basis-Doku: German INVGUT04_de.pdf Version: July 2002
  English INVGUT04_en.pdf Version: July 2002

Material Document / Montagebeleg, Materialbeleg

Catalogue Order / Bestellung mit Kataloganbindung

Archive: EDIFACT ORDERS UN-D96B, BSH Version 1 (CAT) for Catalogue Orders (BEKA). Sender is BSH SAP MM system.
Main Docu / Basis-Doku: German BSH_ORDERS_D96B_CAT.pdf Version: July 2008
Example / Beispiel: English and German Orders_Example3_EN.pdf Version: December 2012
    ORDERS96B_CAT_Example3.txt Version: December 2012

CAD and other files